This is Bamboo

Bamboo is a business communications agency with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. We produce publications for companies or organisations based in, or with an interest in, China.

We can help you to produce a high-quality publication in Chinese and/or English.

We handle customer magazines, internal magazines, image publications, newsletters, translations, brochures, websites, etc.

Many of our clients are foreign-owned multinational corporations such as Anheuser-Busch, SKF, Tetra Pak and Trelleborg. We also work closely with smaller enterprises, local companies and organisations.

Bamboo is owned 50/50 by Staffan Lofgren of ScanAsia Consulting Ltd ( and Jan Hokerberg, who is also the company's Managing Director.

Bamboo offers the unique mix of Swedish owners and managers - with a thorough knowledge of Scandinavian companies and culture - and experienced Chinese employees who have their roots in the local markets and understand local communications.

We specialise in high-quality translations
We handle both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, as well as other Asian languages. We not only translate articles, we also edit them to make the story more readable, credible and to the point, and proofread them.

We produce attractive design
Our designers put a lot of effort into making a publication look modern, attractive and innovative.

We have journalistic skills and experience
Our team has some 100 years combined experience of journalism and/or custom publishing. For example, Jan Hokerberg spent many years at the Swedish business weekly, Veckans Affarer, and is the author of two books about the automotive industry.

We provide efficient project management
Our experienced client services managers can take care of the whole production - from concept to print - or work closely with the client for just part of the process.

We make your company’s best stories come alive !

Bamboo Business Communications Ltd, Hong Kong: +852 2838 4553
Bamboo Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co, Ltd: +86 21 6472 9173

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