This is Tenderloin


Mrs Angelica Lofgren,
Managing Director

“Our food products are of the same quality as those found in Hong Kong’s leading delicatessens. The difference is that we deliver to your home, at prices 15-20% lower!”
Mrs Angelica Lofgren, Managing Director

Australian Black Angus

Organic chicken from France

Black Tiger Prawns

Tenderloin Fine Food Ltd started as a home delivery operation in 1992.
In 1997, Mr & Mrs Lofgren acquired the company with the ambition of becoming one of Hong Kong’s premier suppliers of gourmet food products.


Argentinean Organic Sirloin

Scottish Salmon Fillet

Iranian Sevruga Superior

Today, Tenderloin delivers to 3,500 households, a well as to hotels, clubs, restaurants and delicatessens. The company focuses on sourcing top-quality meat and seafood products, and is a pioneer in initiating the current growing demand for organic produce in Hong Kong.

Iranian Imperial Oscietra

Russian Beluga

Tenderloin is also one of Hong Kong’s largest importers of Iranian, Russian and
Manchurian Caviar under its label CaviarWorld.

For more information, please contact our Managing Director, Mrs Angelica Lofgren on or call us on 2877 2733

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