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Viking Carpet Care Ltd is a well established Swedish-owned company offering top-quality professional carpet cleaning, carpet repairs, upholstery cleaning, floor polishing and pest control services for Hong Kong offices and households since 1992.

“Professional upkeep of your carpets, oriental rugs and upholstery not only improves the condition and lengthens the lifespan of your floor pieces, but also helps prevent allergies, asthma and other bronchial ailments by removing dust mites, pollens, bacteria and allergens from your home or office” – Ms Poonam Samtani, General Manager


Ms Poonam Samtani,
General Manager


The Vibra Vac System

We use the renowned Vibra-Vac system for fitted carpets ensuring careful shampooing before using the hot water extraction method which removes embedded dirt that may have been carried or blown into the carpet. This is also the only method that thoroughly removes biological contaminants and chemical residue from carpets.

By hand, for sensitive carpets

Dirt is an abrasive - like sandpaper. Every time you step on your carpet, you grind dirt into the carpet fibres. Dirt particles, food and drink spillages, along with pet hair, dust mites and all manner of foreign bodies fall to the bottom of the carpet fibre and, over the course of time, will gradually wear your carpets out.

Machine hot water extraction

For more information, please contact our General Manager, Ms Poonam Samtani,
on or call us on 2556 9553.

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